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Homepage of LEDA at Algorithmic Solutions. This is where you can get LEDA:


Algorilla is a synonym for concentrated and networked specialized knowledge in many areas of computer science and its business and research relevant applications. The author of the LEDA tutorial is founding member of Algorilla.

Algorithmic Solutions

Algorithmic Solutions Software GmbH is specialized on the analysis of IT problems, and on the development of algorithmic solutions, software components, as well as software libraries. Algorithmic Solutions is the exclusive distributor of LEDA.

MPI für Informatik

LEDA was developed at the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik. This insitute is devoted to cutting-edge research in computer science with a focus on algorithms and their applications in a broad sense. Its research ranges from foundations (algorithms and complexity, programming logics) to a variety of application domains (computer graphics, geometric computation, constraint solving, program verification, databases and information systems, and computational biology/bioinformatics).

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