1. What is LEDA?

LEDA is the C++ Library of Efficient Data Types and Algorithms, which was developed at the Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik since the end of the eighties.

Besides the classic base data types and algorithms, as they can be found in every book on algorithms, LEDA offers the professional developer highly sophisticated algorithmic constituents for graphs and network problems, geometrical computations, combinatorial optimizations, and many other problem domains.

LEDA is the algorithmic standard library in industrial application development and in academic research. LEDA is not only used for the rapid design of algorithmic prototypes but also for the implementation of highly efficient final applications.

Furthermore, LEDA is used worldwide for teaching purposes in many courses and lectures.

The current version number is 6.2. An end of the development cannot be foreseen. At the present time, further development, care and sale of the product are carried out exclusively by Algorithmic Solutions Software GmbH.

More than 5,000 users are registered worldwide. The complete number of users is hard to estimate, however, it might be far over 10,000.