1.3. Compiling, linking, and starting LEDA programs

Learning objectives

The LEDA libraries
Static and dynamic linking
Making LEDA programs run

Now that we have implemented Hello world! as efficiently as algorithmically possible thanks to LEDA, we stride towards the next great feat: We want to make the program run.

At the present time LEDA is available for Unix™ and MS-Windows™. In accordance with this we distinguish between those two worlds in the two following sections.


In the following description, we assume to work on a Unix™ system with the gnu C++ compiler g++, the gnu Make utility and the Bourne shell sh, or on a MS-Windows™ system NT/2000/XP with the MS Visual Studio 6 as the development environment, respectively. The statements given here can easily be transferred to other systems. Details to this are found on the manual page Technical Information.